Is your business 'friendly'?

Contributed by Stuart Brooks – Blackbird Communications

Research shows that people spent more time on mobile devices than desktops and laptops for the first time ever last year. This equated to an average of 2.5 hours a day on our smartphones and tablets, which the study found was 10% more than browsing on desktops and laptops. Mobile usage has surged five-fold since 2011 whilst desktop and laptop use has remained almost static.

You might think this is unsurprising, given that more than half the planet’s population are actively plugged in to a social network. However, this has profound consequences for businesses as the world’s most influential search engine, Google, which processes more than 100 billion search requests each month, received more searches from mobile devices than PCs for the first time in 2015.

Ensuring that a business is ‘mobile friendly’ is now critical to its future, as Google now penalises websites that are not mobile responsive. This means that companies that have yet to upgrade their website will see it slide down the rankings until it ultimately disappears from view. Another algorithm change is due in 2016, which could be catastrophic for ‘unresponsive’ businesses, reliant on custom from search results.

If you’re unsure, test your website using Google’s free mobile friendly analyser tool. Simply type in your website URL and it will check your site automatically. We can send you the link- Email

You’re looking for a green light to say that it’s mobile responsive. If it’s highlighted in red, you have an issue but help is at hand. St Albans based Blackbird offers a ‘turnkey’ solution for businesses requiring a mobile friendly website. We manage everything to give you complete peace of mind, from content writing, design, build, even hosting. All in one neat package.

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