3 Digital Marketing Tools To Supercharge Your Prospecting

This blog has been contributed by Cassie Hicks- Kerr from Modern Marketing Spark

Are you looking to get more from your networking?

You’re spending time at networking meetings, making new contacts, collecting business cards, practising your elevator pitch, following up with an email (maybe). And, it works!

What if I told you you could amplify your efforts 10x fold with a few simple tools.

OK, now I’ve got your attention, let’s get to it!

Super Digital Marketing Tool #1

My first rule of networking is to connect with everyone after the meeting on social media, usually LinkedIn. Depending on your business though, and ideal clients and customers, you might also connect via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+

Power Up Your LinkedIn Marketing

Since time is so precious I love finding handy tools that automate manual tasks, and Rapportive is my latest discovery. It’s a chrome extension that works within Gmail so when you send or receive an email from someone it tells you whether you’re connected on LinkedIn (and also the other social media platforms, and Skype).

Here’s how it looks:


So by exchanging a quick follow-up email with Mary you can – with one click – connect on LinkedIn without even leaving your email box. How genius is that!

(For my full Rapportive post click here: http://mmspark.com/power-up-your-linkedin-marketing/)

Super Digital Marketing Tool #2

Did you know that you can use LinkedIn as a free CRM [customer relationship management] system?

When you make a new LinkedIn connection take a minute to make a quick Note about where you met that person (e.g. Jabber).

And if you want to use LinkedIn for some targeted marketing I’d also recommend you use Tags, e.g. I might tag David as “Herts, Beds, Bucks”, and/or “networking contact” and/or “prospect” or “JV partner”.

You can also set a Reminder to follow-up at a certain time and LinkedIn will send you a reminder. Best of all, this is all completely free!



Another great feature of the LinkedIn CRM system is that the messages you exchange with someone shows up in that person’s profile. So, for example, if you’ve arranged a meeting with someone, you can quickly go to their profile and see the conversation thread and find their phone number, email or Skype address.


Super Digital Marketing Tool #3

This is one of my biggest “can’t live without” tools, and an absolute life saver if you regularly organise meetings or phone calls.

It’s calendly.com, an online scheduling tool.

There are other online scheduling tools available, and I’ve used a few over the years, but, for me, calendly is the best one so far. It’s cheap, easy to set up and seamlessly integrates with you calendar, email, WordPress, LeadPages, Zapier etc.


Calendly.com connects to your calendar (outlook, gmail etc.) so appointments can be scheduled directly into your diary. I can’t tell you the amount of time and emails this saves.

Simply send your customised link (e.g. http://calendly.com/mmspark) and the recipient can select a convenient time to meet.

  • Need to reschedule? One click and it’s done
  • Automatic confirmation of your meeting? Calendly takes care of that for you
  • Want to ask qualifying questions before the call? Click, click, and it’s done
  • Want to block out your calendar and only schedule calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Easy peasy

Once you start using calendly you’ll wonder why you ever wasted so much time and inbox space scheduling meetings the old-fashioned way.

So, there you have three of my top Digital Marketing Power Tools.  We’re using these tools (and many more) every single day so if you need help setting them up just give myself or my friendly team at Modern Marketing Spark a shout (Contact us here) – and do please connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know you’re from the Jabber!


Cassie Hicks, Modern Marketing Spark

Modern Marketing Spark (mmspark.com) provides a holistic approach to Social media and Digital Marketing. Our clients benefit from a highly personalised strategy, tools and training to grow their business. We’ll get you tangible results and show you how to generate a steady stream of leads, clients and sales online.

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