2nd Friday of every month: 10am – 12noon

Metrobank, 77 St Peters Street, St Albans AL1 3ED


Fri 12th January
Fri 9th February
Fri 9th March
Fri 13th April
Fri 11th May
Fri 8th June
Fri 13th July
Fri 10th August
Fri 14th September
Fri 12th October
Fri 9th November
Fri 14th December


Jabber, hosted by Metro Bank, is business networking with a smile!

There is no membership tie-in. No need to pre-book. It is absolutely £FREE to attend (coffee & cakes are even included!). Metro Bank business networking is 10am-noon, but feel free to dip in and dip out as suits you. You will also receive a ‘thank you for coming’ gift – a ‘contact list’ of attendees emailed to you afterwards – so you can get in touch with that person who you didn’t quite meet but wish you had. Do come along…… dip your toe.